Saturday, May 30, 2009

Janet & Ethan's cake

I am really loving how this cake came together, the pale dusting in the flower centers and scattered piped stamen.

This cake is traveling to Stone Barns at Blue Hill Farm, so we opted to make a smaller cake for cutting, and then have additional cakes for the guests.

The flowers were made in all shapes and sizes, and dusted with a combination of handmixed colors using yellow, aqua, light brown, avocado petal dusts. What I love so much about decorating cakes is feeling like I am working on a painting or sculpture.

The base is a pale sage, tying into their flowers, invitation colors, and of course, the lush green pastures that surround the farm. My friend made this bouquet of flowers for me, which certainly helped inspire me as I decorated the cake.

The centers have a sprinkling of stamen, I wanted to not have every flower piped since the effect of the handbrushing feels so lovely and soft.

Happy Wedding!


  1. THIS CAKE IS AMAZING! i love the placement and of the flowers!

  2. And it tasted amazing, too! Thank you so much for making our cake, Sarah. We needed a spectacular tasting & beautiful wedding cake to follow the meal at Blue Hill and you really delivered!