Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Edible Sequins

I have been working on jewelry projects lately, and have been loving the look of worn gold. Especially the kind of worn gold that sparkles softly in the dark on a jacket or dress...

How could it be possible to create this kind of feeling for a cake? I thought back to the gelatin experiments I did earlier, and came up with the idea to mix luster dusts and edible glitter into the gelatin, to see if I could make something that feels like a sequin, but could be a cake decoration.

mixing 'Old Gold' and 'Emerald' metallic luster dust into warm gelatin

I used old jewel candy molds that I picked up at the cake supply store. I also dripped freehand blobs onto a plate to see if that could work too. (It did not. Fortunately a few soaks in water freed the glitter from the plate.)

I also sprinkled edible glitter into some of the mold, to see how it would look.

Once dry, these are thin, shell-like decorations, but surprisingly not fragile.

These could be used to sprinkle on top of cupcakes, or it could be whimsical to pierce a hole in the center to mimick a true sequin. It would be gorgeous to have a sequin covered cake, sort of like a couture YSL jacket from the 70's.

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