Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gold Crush

My friend Alicia, who I used to work with and whose wedding cake I made in June, told me that she was making the jewelry for the Philip Lim fashion show. The show took place a few hours before my book signing, so for good luck (and because she is an amazing friend) she dropped off an extra necklace for my event.

Alicia is a master with metals, and she handmade each necklace out of thin sheets of metal with a process called electroplating to have it slowly crumple into what looks like, a crushed piece of paper. Except that it is shiny gold and hangs on the neck like a floating work of magical art.

She set the crumpled gold with faceted topaz glass stones and leather cord, so you can adjust it higher or lower. A really easy piece to wear that I loved at first sight.

the necklace

I wore it to my event with a Marni dress that had splashed of color and texture that reminded me of the necklace. At Kinokuniya, the crowd was a mix of bakers, designers, and lots of well dressed people. (The spill-over from the Anna Sui show that just let out).

johnny working the crowd

I felt inspired by the jewelry, the cakes, the people, and the gold. I thought sheets of gold leaf could be crumpled on top of a dark chocolate ganache frosted cake. Or thin sheets of chocolate could be softly sculpted by hand, and dusted with gold powder. Philip Lim called the show "Crush" so this is the crush cake dedicated to Alicia. xo


  1. WOW! it is a small world. i found you through design sponge. am making cupcakes for a baby shower from your recipe. while waiting for them to bake i started reading your blog... and i do believe you are speaking of miss alicia humphries (lepp?)? she is AMAZING. i went to college with her and even modeled in one of her fashion shows! anyway, sorry for the long comment. it's just so great when you realize how connected we all are.

    thanks for the wonderful recipes by the way : )

  2. What a nice comment! Yes, its the one and only Alici (now) Lapp; I love that you have known her this long!
    Hope the cupcakes were delicious, and looking forward to our paths crossing soon...