Sunday, June 21, 2009


I spent a very rainy but wonderful Thursday morning with Grace from Design Sponge. She is so savvy, smart, and humble, we had laughs and good chats. 
I am finally starting to feel like its fun being on camera and teaching about baking...especially when I am having a good hair day and the cake is cooperating. 
I had first wanted to create something really extravagant for the segment, but realized that its about having accessible ideas, so that others can make something beautiful too.
I went for dusted lilac flowers, with optional acid yellow stamen. They have a dark fuschia dusting in the centers for dimension and color, and make the yellow really pop.
The shooting went well, I am so happy with video.
It reminds me that life is so brief, and when you do something you love, it makes the world a better place.
and a cupcake a day never hurts either.



  1. Hi Sarah,
    You are such an inspiration...I picked up your book on the weekend and watched your video! They are both great! I can't wait to try my first organic cake! Check out my gallery if you have a chance
    Thanks again for sharing your creativity!


  2. Thanks Charlotte! Let me know how it goes! xo sarah

  3. thank you so much for shooting with me, sarah! it was so much fun cooking with you :)


  4. Dear Sarah, you are a great inspiration to many working mothers running their own business while still dedicating their time to their little ones. I love, love everything you do. xoxo

  5. Thanks Grace and Llubav!
    It means so much to have support from such creative women! We can make the world a more beautiful and delicious place!

  6. Sarah I just bought your book and am baking away with these wonderful recipies for my husband and the kids. I am making some cupcakes for my daughters birthday and wanted to add some decor to them. I see your recipe for gumpaste, I wanted to know if you recommend fondnt for little shapes as well and if so do you havea recipe for that?

  7. Hi,
    Sorry just saw your comment now--you can use gumpaste or fondant for the shapes but fondant tends to crack and dry more quickly, so try to mix some vegetable shortening into it to keep it pliable. You can buy pre-made gumpaste and fondant at places like Michael's Craft store, cake supply shops, or places online like Good luck! xo Sarah