Saturday, June 6, 2009

Michelle's cupcakes

I decided to spice up the look of a batch of cupcakes for a recent order.
Instead of having them be uniform, what if together the decorations had a scattered loose feeling, like a field of flowers? In this case, lilac flowers with gold glittery centers on shimmering gold dusted frosting.
Once placed a cake plate, these will look beautiful as nature is never perfect...


  1. gold dusted frosting! Now that is decadent and so pretty.

  2. is this frosting idea in your new book? LOVE the metallic!

  3. Hi Haley!
    Its sort of a variation off of other decorations, just make sure the cupcakes have chilled so that the dusting does not smudge the frosting. I like to use a wide, soft paintbrush! Thanks!