Sunday, July 5, 2009


Ever since the cookbook came out, its been so nice to hear how much people love it. But the true test of any cookbook is how the recipes taste, how they look, and what the eaters really thought of it. Here are some pics that bakers have sent to me, and it really fills my heart like a cream puff seeing them.

Cristy's cupcakes (Boston, MA)
Cristy made these for a bridal shower, how chic is the 3 tier? I bet there are so few on the bottom because the bride-to-be ate the rest. That happens to me sometimes.

Sarah (Minneapolis)
Sarah made vanilla bean cupcakes, lemon curd filling, homeade whipped cream top, and fresh market fruit for a 4th of July BBQ. Holy smokes! Sort of like deconstructed fireworks made out of fruit.

Noel (Colorado).
Noel ingeniously used a ziploc bag for piping. And she ate one before bed which gave her really good dreams.

Its so great that people are baking from the book and are feeling happy and sweet from the results. Love seeing all the beauty, keep it hot in the oven!


  1. I found your delightful site from Courtney's feature on (in)side the loop & wanted to stop by! Your cakes are gorgeous & I love can't wait to see the cookbook!

  2. Oh my! The strawberry/blueberry one is my favorite so far!!!!