Saturday, July 25, 2009

L.A. Trip

I am on the last day of my wonderful trip in Los Angeles. It has been an exciting month of travel and seeing old friends and family, so there will be bits and pieces of my trip coming out soon. Even thought I grew up in Southern California, being in NYC for so long its easy to forget how lush and almost tropical things feel here.

My brother lives in Silverlake, a community where most of my friends live too; cute houses, curving roads, and a spirit similar to where I live back home. Walking down the street I was floored by all the lush plants, flowers, and trees that greeted me. Just thinking about all the things that grow here threw me into a tizzy, I could really live, or bake, off the land.

First a passion fruit bush...

Then the neighbor's fig tree...

Then a grapefruit tree...

These were all in a half-block radius from my brother's house. I thought about fig galettes, passion fruit mousse, grapefruit chutney, and then I just decided to sit and watch the view.
Later in the day, we had our visit to my parent's house. In 'Organic and Chic' I mention how I raid their Meyer Lemon tree. Silly me, now they were on to my game plan so I was on my best behavior and took only a dozen. I still have to raid the kumquat tree and lemon tree in my brother's front yard, so my suitcase will only be able to hold so much, unfortunately.

The infamous Meyer Lemon tree...I picked that juicy sucker on my way out...

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  1. I grew up in Arizona and used to hide-out in my grapefruit tree fort! Love the pics, such a sweet little memory you conjured!!! thanks lady.