Sunday, July 12, 2009

Chicago whirlwind

scribble scribble

I have been in Chicago doing press and book signings, and it has been quite fun to bake for loads of people and to talk about organic recipes.

I had my first television appearance on WGN Chicago news. It was really fun, and the building had huge sound stages, and an employee of the month parking spot. Loved it!,0,3005729.story

Saturday was two book signings, the first at the Bookstall in Winnetka; a charming and wonderful bookstore with friendly staff that harks back to another time where books feel important and magical. It has been around for a long time, and my husband told me that you really make it as an author having a signing there. Lots of wonderful family and old friends came by.

It was also Clyde's birthday, hence the strange candle hat in the photo.

Saturday afternoon was a signing at Anthropologie in downtown Chicago, on State Street.
I was blown away by the visual manager, Abigail, who had spent the previous day baking 200 cupcakes with her mom, and hand-sewing linen aprons for kids to decorate. I found out the fun fact that each Anthropologie store has their own visual team so each one you visit is utterly unique.

The gorgeous set-up with a board announcing the signing. They even made homeade lemonade to go with the treats!

How cute were the girls all in aprons?

the swarm

Harriet, to whom the book is dedicated to, stood by my side! She continues to be my inspiration and biggest fan. She would shoo away anyone who was chitty-chatting too much and would ask if they were buying the book! It was very cute.

And today, my interview on NPR with Liane Hansen, whew what a week!

We are heading up to rural Wisconsin for the rest of the week, but when I return there will be some exciting new baking ideas brewing...Thanks to all who stopped by the signings! xoxo Sarah


  1. wow all so exciting!!! I am so bummed I'm not going to be in Chicago until August! You should do another signing!! :)

  2. congragulations, u look beautiful, love the dress and the necklace

  3. hi sarah! i went to your book signing at Heath Ceramics today and loved your baked goods - especially the Goldies! congratulations on your helpful (love how you use only organic food) and beautiful new book!

  4. If you don't mind me asking, where in the world didyou get that beautiful dress? Is it vintage? It is stunning!

  5. Thanks! The dress is j.crew, and I made the necklace of flowers out of semi-precious stones sewn together. Thanks for all the kind words! xo