Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cakescrap Pops

While trimming the birthday cake I baked yesterday, I decided to keep the scraps for my own cake pop experiment. I had read about the cake pop phenomenon; people use leftover cake (or bake a cake for the sole purpose of making pops), mix it with some kind of binding ingredient such as softened cream cheese, stick a stick in it, dip it in some kind of chocolate or coat with fondant, and decorate.

I trim my cakes when stacking them into tiers, and thought that instead of the family and myself eating them, I should try something new.

It was hard to tell the little gypsy beggars that no cake scraps would be handed out just yet.

Instead of adding all sorts of ingredients, I figured that the excess frosting would really be the only thing I would want to have in my cakescrap pop. Keeping it pure and simple.

I had about 1 cup of cake scraps once I crumbled them up, and about 1/2 cup of remaining mocha meringue buttercream.

After mixed, I rolled them into even sized balls. I refrigerated them overnight to chill.

Alas, when I woke to finish the final step of dipping them into dark organic chocolate ganache, there were only 5 remaining. Gypsy cake bandits struck again.

I stuck paper lollipop sticks in the centers, chilled them and warmed some organic dark chocolate chips with some butter. It was a little thick, but easy to do since I had the kids helping out. After dipping I chilled them again in the fridge while contemplating who deserved the precious treats.

The result is that these are spectacular, delicious, and a resourceful thing to do with leftover cake (an impossibility in this house) or cake trimmings. I dusted some glitter on them, and ended up handing them out to the helpful friends of the day--my neighbor who helped carry up groceries, and a friend who is pregnant who surely will need an emergency cake/chocolate snack.

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