Friday, March 6, 2009

Ruby's Cake

With the upcoming party for Ruby's birthday this weekend, I got started today on the decorations for her cake. I have been thinking about her cake for months, (yes I am crazy), going back and forth between a few different ideas. Elmo cake? Kitty cake? Yoda cake? These are the top three things that excite her more than anything.

Last year, her birthday party was an elegant tea party, filled with puffed pastries, pink cupcakes and this cake:

So for Ruby's 2nd birthday cake, I toyed with a few ideas, but then it all came together when I found a vintage cake doll mold. Its the kind that you stick a half doll in the top, and the skirt is made out of cake. I am going to make small sugarpaste decorations and then place them in a pattern, a la Louis Vuitton if you can see the resemblance in the sketch...

The first round of decorations, coating the "2" in lavender edible glitter, painting the circles red for Elmo, and dusting the Yoda heads with emerald green luster dust and shimmery brown luster dust to get his crusty old skin right.

I piped white eyes, then tinted the frosting orange for the nose. As for the eyes and mouth, they are hand painted with charcoal luster dust mixed with vodka. For making the "paint" you have to use alcohol, not water.

I used the same black "paint" for the eyes, nose, and whiskers on Hello Kitty. I brushed her fuchsia bow with some shimmery cotton candy luster dust.

Crusty creepy Yoda faces. Ha! Big brother Clyde is Ruby's hero, hence all things Star Wars and Lego have become her favorites too.

The cake will be assembled tomorrow morning since we have lots to do before the party. As for the cake, the frosting will be pink, perhaps a strawberry cake with vanilla frosting to mix things up a bit.


  1. Can you serve it with Wookie Sauce?

  2. I was wondering if you will be sharing the recipe to a strawberry cake, I would love to have a go to one since it is my favorite type of cake?