Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Failure and Success

Sadly, the macarons came out like meringues; crunchy, light, rosy, and brittle but no chew like Mr. Herme's. I asked my French neighbor what the secret "je ne sais quoi" is to them, and her response was, that she never even tried. I guess when there is close to perfection out there, why even bother? The secret to macarons may be much more experimentation than I thought.

Happily, the kids and I munched on rose "cookies" all weekend, then things moved towards finishing the birthday cake.

Then the unexpected; my sister in labor at the hospital, I had to drop the literal cake spatula and head over for her new baby boy!

Sometimes when these grand moments in life happen, all the little worries and problems flutter aside. So when I got home elated and exhausted from coaching her tough labor, I realized the fancy pistachio cake for Amy's 30th birthday was not going to happen.

The party for Amy shrunk in size a bit because of the snowstorm, so I baked a smaller cake.

The "30" sticks worked perfectly. I piped some grass with my frosting tinted with 'Avocado Green' food coloring, a muted and perfect green color to make the bright flowers pop. The cake is dark chocolate with whipped espresso buttercream.

The birthday girl's slice.

Nothing like a wonderful party full of love, champagne, friends, homemade food, to make any failure feel like history.

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