Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Clear Flowers, fashion or cake?

Here is the cake inspired by the Marni resin flowers.
I think I would redo it with a pale gray backdrop instead of yellow. It seems to fight the colors of the flowers a bit too much.
However, as for my first use of the gelatin flowers, it is interesting to see how they work.
I had to prop the petals while drying with clean piping tips since they are rounded. I wonder if I should create the flowers separately; applying them to the cake once they are complete, rather than petals.

I've seen some decorators use wire in their gelatin petals to keep shape, it reminds me of the Blumarine ads
I think this is one of those examples where the fashion and the food are interchangeable. Her pin could be something edible, placed on top of a cake.
Still exploring with the gelatin...I feel like I am close to something!

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