Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fashion Smashion

Today I had a shoot for an upcoming fashion-related publication, and I finished the cakes inspired by fashion.

For the Chanel couture cake, I first prepared my cake dummies. When shooting for editorial, it is rare for a baker to actually make a cake, since it is handled so much and never eaten. It makes it easier to focus completely on the decorating, and the cakes are light and easy to transport since they are made out of Styrofoam. Cake supply companies sell cakes in round shapes, squares, hexagons, and even custom cut cakes to order.

The first thing I do is decide the size of the tiers. Then I place some of my sugarpaste flowers on the Styrofoam to visualize how I am going to place them.

I use bamboo kabob sticks as supporting rods through the center of the tiers, since one side is sharp and will easily pierce the Styrofoam.

I frost the cake with real frosting, then when it dries I place the sugar flowers on top, using frosting as "glue" for the flowers. Once applied, I piped white stamen in different sizes in the centers.

I think the elements all came together nicely- the chaos of different flowers clustered together.
I am thinking about incorporating this cake idea for an upcoming wedding in the country!

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  1. Thanks for this information. I always wonder how dummies cakes were done!