Monday, April 6, 2009

Sugar Pearls

I am designing a cake for my friend Alicia's wedding. We used to design jewelry together years ago, and her personal style and jewelry is so over the top. Something about lace and pearls is coming to me when I think about her, since she wears lots of vintage clothing and mixes eras together with ease.

I would love to use lace in a way that is not hokey and expected. I have been looking at these silicone molds for lace impressions, that you use with gumpaste. You press a small piece inside, and you put the molds on top and bottom, so the lace is double sided.

Pearls seem refreshing when done right, especially in the late Spring. Her wedding has a slight 1940's vibe to it, and feel like these elements done right will complement the tone. I was so excited to find a mold for making pearls, so they are all even-sized and in a row.

Pearls, made out of gumpaste and dusted with pearlescent dust.

For the first cake, I would wire some of the pearls together, so that it could form sculptural flowers. It would have a pale blush base, with some small pearls shaped like leaves, with the more sculptural pearls clustered around it.

For the second cake, I want to try the look of gold lace flowers, pearl branches and rose gold butterflies. Something sort of chaotic like an Alexander McQueen couture gown, which I'm sure Alicia would wear to the grocery store with converse sneakers if she could.

After thinking of a few options I feel strongly about these and now on to Alicia and her fiancee to look and think about.

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