Sunday, April 19, 2009

Yellow China Cake

I love beautiful china plates. Not the ones that seem very austere and sterile, but ones that give you a feeling of beauty that you want to look at, and when food is placed on them you remember that it is a plate, and that food goes there, and it excites you even more.

One plate that makes my heart sing is the Jasper Conran Green Chinoiserie for Wedgwood. The colors are a strong mint with navy, and a palate in between.

For a few years, I have tried to figure out how to create a cake from this china without being so literal as to copy the same colors, and images.

So I saw this yellow toile print, it came together. Why not a joyous bright yellow with navy to offset it. Handpaint the cake, as the technique is done with real china, and have the flowers be the only dimensional element of the cake.

The flowers are a pale blue gumpaste, and I handpainted the centers in layers of dark royal blue to give them a ceramic, lacquer feeling.

I recently re-did this cake for a magazine that is coming out in the Fall in bright colors, and am excited to see how it turns out.

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