Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kite Cupcakes

Every Spring my son's school PS 132, has a kite festival in Brooklyn.

Among craft tables, music, and face painting (myself as a volunteer), there will be a bake sale.

Ruby and I coordinating our outfits to facepaint

The festival is planned for a sunny Saturday, and I'm betting parents are upping the sugar level intake for the day. Got to make them look good so the kids will whine, beg, annoy, until they get them.

So I whipped out my Royal Icing as an experiment, and piped kites and hearts. Surprisingly they had to dry for almost 24 hours until dry, and its not even raining here.

In the blazing heat, the royal icing kites softened and didn't stand stiff in the blue-sky buttercream as I had hoped. They still looked pretty but were definitely outdone by the cookies, according to Clyde. My son's betrayal...

Thankfully someone is on my team...

I have learned over the past school year that PTA bake sales do not enjoy some choice ideas that I have, such as earlier donations of dark chocolate/almond/bacon lollipops, or espresso whipped cream cakes. Time to tone it down a notch!


  1. Sarah,

    Love ur cakes and the color themes. I did a cake this weekend inspired by your colors


  2. I don't know, there is something about dark chocolate/almond/bacon lollipops that just does it for me!