Monday, April 6, 2009

Felt Flower Cake Power

The women artist event at Abitare this past weekend was so fun. Where else would I have been able to display my organic treats on such lovely handmade pottery? I made organic shortbread, one batch flavored with Tay Tea caramel rooibus tea, the other with organic Earl Grey. I also made dark chocolate cupcakes with espresso whipped buttercream piped into gold dusted rosettes. The kind of gold roses I would grow if I had a garden...

Earl Grey cookies in the background, gorgeous ceramics by Frances.

I had the chance to meet Frances Palmer and see some handmade whimsical pieces that I wanted to steal, and to shmooze with Llubav who is hilarious and warmhearted. We have become friends since we both spoke at the Greenpoint Design Conference last year.

Llubav holding the first copy of my book, and me in my favorite new dress

Llubav is an incredible felt artist, making flowers and garlands out of bright colored felts.
The colors and modern shapes are so clean, yet still feminine.
She cuts each petal by hand and hand sews small metal sequins and beads in the center of each flower.

Llubav's pins which I should have also stolen

The loose large flower on her ring pillow reminded me of the form of a peony.

Ironically, we have had a bouquet of white peonies in the house that lasted until today. The essence of the peony is so Spring, so fleeting, that it would be lovely to capture it in a cake.

A modern cake with a feminine touch; a white buttercream frosted cake with clusters of loosely formed hand sculpted sugar peonies in a range of colors such as pale blush, shell pink, pale magenta, and pale tomato red.


  1. i had the best time. it really was a lovely event.
    that is a cute picture of us! ;) x0x0

  2. Sarah - you look smashing. So do the cupcakes! Miss you soooooooooo. xoxo Kyle