Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Inspiration Board-late Spring

The last few warm days have brought a gush of summer inspiration. I recently updated my inspiration board that hangs in the kitchen, bringing a constant source of thoughts and ideas.

summer grass, peonies, the color white, Michelle Obama, Prada gold coats, country weddings,

chunky jewels, sparkly cookies, secret paths in the forest, cotton candy, pastel ice cream cones...
cant wait for the beach!


  1. I love your inspiration board - I think everyone should have one! I'm going to start one too.

  2. Yes! Its the perfect place for pinning up recipes that you tear out from magazines, or really pretty pictures that give you a good feeling.
    I got the hemosote board from Home Depot- its made out of newsprint composte, so very eco chic friendly! Just paint it and screw it in wall! xo sarah